Johnson Jon

Jon Johnson

Name:Jon Johnson
Date of Birth:January 21st, 1990
Current City:Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Project management experience as a “Release Manager” with a video game publishing company in Osaka, Japan.
  • Refined project and team-management skills spanning the initial planning steps to the post-release and evaluation stages; applied through the use of the Agile-Scrum process framework for various video game projects.
  • An engaged leader with strong communication skills and experience working with and motivating small-sized teams (2~3 people), and larger, inter-departmental teams (4~8 people).
  • Well-versed in assisting executive teams (CEO, Director of Operations/Publishing, etc.) with administration, business strategy, and lead-development/management-related tasks.
  • Comfortable with digital marketing and data analysis strategies, including monetization and sales-funnel planning.
  • Passionate about managing teams and projects within the IT/Tech and Video-game industries.



01.2016 - 02.2017
The Bootcamp Effect
(Langley, British Columbia, Canada)

Reason For Leaving:
Left the company in order to pursue a professional career in Japan.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Managed the company website renewal, including but not limited to, budget, development team members, and task scheduling.
  • Uncovered a previously overlooked target market segment (mobile users) through the use of digital analytics and trend forecasting, which resulted in an estimated 51% increase in prospective clients. This discovery has now also led to the creation and implementation of a second marketing plan alongside of The Bootcamp Effect’s traditional marketing strategy.
  • Increased “Goal Visibility” of online platforms and digital marketing strategies by implementing lead-generation, sign-up, and retention rate tracking measures.
  • Improved brand visibility by introducing a YouTube channel into the marketing mix, generating approximately 7,000 unique views from the company’s target market demographic. Also took the initiative to shoot video clips and produce various promotional trailers.
  • Directly assisted the CEO with the continuous improvement of marketing and operations strategies.


04.2015 - 09.2015
Active Gaming Media
(Osaka, Osaka, Japan)

Reason For Leaving:
Internship completed; Returned to Canada to complete university studies.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Optimized the project release process by developing and implementing a new Scrum-Agile-based estimation model which provides time estimations of milestone (sprint) tasks and entire project completion dates; this model is now used for planning all newly acquired IP’s.
  • Coordination of all active titles and tasks across various departments within the publishing process: Content Acquisition, QA Testing, Localization, Release Asset Management, Sales & Marketing, Live Support.
  • Lead Producer for $5.5 million “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” Kickstarter podcast series.
  • Flawless assembly and management of all game and marketing assets (game files, preview trailers, concept artwork, screenshots, etc.), and the creation of store pages for titles published via the Sony PlayStation Network, Steam, PLAYISM, Apple iTunes Store, and Google Play Store.
  • Actively worked with the Chief Executive Officer, Director of Publishing, and Team Leader to help identify and improve problematic business processes within several departments; a finalized 12-page business process analysis report was then presented to the Chief Executive Officer.


06.2013 - 09.2014
The Bootcamp Effect
(Langley, British Columbia, Canada)

Key Accomplishments:

  • Was the driving force behind a paperless member check-in system; this also allowed for members’ various metrics to be tracked and for trend analysis to be conducted.
  • Ran data analysis tests on multiple variables, and tracked a large array of variable when clients checked in (frequency of visits, common time-slots, weight, overall progress, etc.). These are being used to continuously improve the efficiency of instructed classes as well as content-generation and various marketing campaigns.


11.2007 - 06.2011
(Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

Key Accomplishments:

  • Exceeded sales targets and improved the overall customer experience simultaneously by successfully generating product interest and attracting customers, determining each customer’s unique needs, suggesting relevant products to address their needs, and properly closing each sale.



09.2014 - 03.2015
Bachelor of Business Administration
[Study in Kyoto Program: “Business Track”]
(Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan)


01.2011 - 02.2016
Bachelor of Business Administration
(Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)


09.2008 - 12.2010
Bachelor of Psychology
(Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
<SELF-DEVELOPED> Producer Quest (JP) [Browser, Android, Apple iOS]

Producer Quest (JP) [Browser,...

Project Management, Creative and Design
[line style='solid' top='25' bottom='5' width='100%' height='1' color='']

Lead Producer, Game Planner, QA Manager, Lead Tester, Localization Support, Scenario Writer, Level/Map Designer, and Music Composer for "Producer Quest!", for Browser (HTML5), Android, and Apple iOS platforms.

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{SELF-DEVELOPED} Producer Quest (JP) [Browser, Android, Apple iOS]

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PLAY NOW! [line style='solid' top='25' bottom='5' width='100%' height='2' color='']
QA Manager: Debugging/Feedback (Excel .xlsx) Scenario Writer: "Producer Quest!" Summary (.pdf) Release Manager: Release Schedule (Excel .xlsx) [line style='solid' top='25' bottom='5' width='100%' height='2' color='']
Download! (.APK) [line style='solid' top='25' bottom='5' width='100%' height='2' color='']

Not Yet Released.

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night (Kickstarter Campaign)

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night (Kickstarter...

Digital Marketing, Creative and Design

Was the lead producer of the podcast series created as PR for the $8,363,052 USD ($5,545,991 (EN) + $2,817,061 (JP)) Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night became the largest crowd-funded project on Kickstarter in the video-game category during this time.

Release Date: 2017 TBA

Downloads/Sales:N/A (at the current time of July 15, 2017)


Astebreed [PS4, PC]

Astebreed [PS4, PC]

Project Management

Managed the full release process for publishing Astebreed to the Sony PlayStation®Store (NA & EU regions) for the PlayStation® 4.

Release Date: 02/05/2015

Downloads/Sales:Est. 190,000 (at the current time of July 15, 2017)


Croixleur Sigma [PS4, PSVita]

Croixleur Sigma [PS4, PSVita]

Project Management

Managed the full release process for publishing Croixleur Sigma to the Sony PlayStation®Store (NA & EU regions) for multiple platforms (PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® Vita).

Release Date: 01/19/2016

Downloads/Sales:Est. 85,000 (at the current time of July 15, 2017)


Torquel [PS4, PSVita]

Torquel [PS4, PSVita]

Project Management

Managed the full release process for publishing Croixleur Sigma to the Sony PlayStation®Store (NA & EU regions) for multiple platforms (PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® Vita).

Release Date: 08/11/2015


The Biggest Winner Season 8 | The Bootcamp Effect

The Biggest Winner Season 8 | The Bootcamp Effect

Digital Marketing

Managed data-capturing and analysis projects for The Biggest Winner Season 8 at The Bootcamp Effect. Various trends were discovered using the recorded data, and will be used to better fine-tune our advertising as well as the types of services offered at The Bootcamp Effect.

Event Date: 23/09/2016 - 18/12/2016


Corporate Video Trailer | The Bootcamp Effect

Corporate Video Trailer | The Bootcamp Effect

Digital Marketing, Creative and Design

Conceptualized, directed, edited, and produced the corporate trailer showcasing The Bootcamp Effect to the world! The trailer is used in a large amount of email campaigns as well as for direct marketing on The Bootcamp Effect's main webpage.

Date Published: 11/08/2014


Concrete Hero – Charity Bootcamp | The Bootcamp Effect

Concrete Hero – Charity Bootcamp | The...

Digital Marketing

BE aka Bootcamp Effect (noun): Langley fitness company, innovative group personal training, changing lives through a community of positive individuals dedicated to health and fitness. Or I could just call ya a bunch of these... Bootcamp Heroes! This past weekend, we held a bootcamp for a cause supporting Concrete Hero and the BC cancer foundation.

Event Date: 06/07/2014


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President (The Bootcamp Effect)

Jon has worked for The Bootcamp Effect since June 2013. During his employment, he has seen his responsibilities and contribution grow dramatically. He has been an invaluable asset to our company for developing and testing administrative systems, marketing and analytics, customer service, account management and HR recruitment and development.


Jon originally came to The Bootcamp Effect in a personal assistant capacity from there, he saw his role grew with website maintenance and design, digital marketing campaigns and managing website analytics, and then grew to managing customer accounts, and redeveloping infrastructure systems for The Bootcamp Effect. In addition, he garnered experience in human resources interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.


I am sad to see Jon’s departure, but know his potential is too great to keep him here and am confident his broad skillset will make him successful with whatever endeavors he chooses to pursue.


Localization & QA Manager (Active Gaming Media)

I first met Jon at Active Gaming Media, and since then I’ve considered him to be both a great coworker and friend.

Jon possesses great communication skills whether in English or Japanese, and navigated the bilingual/multicultural workplace we shared with ease. Whether receiving instructions or communicating ideas, everything is very easily manageable for Jon, and in turn, our team as well.


Jon was in charge of releases at AGM, where his ability to remain punctual and communicate any potential issues in a timely manner were a great asset to the team; I could definitely count on him and the quality of his work. Even with high-pressure projects such as the Bloodstained Kickstarter campaign, he was able to deliver solid work while maintaining a congenial attitude with the rest of the team.


When there were issues with Astebreed’s release on PS4 regarding its PEGI rating, Jon quickly brought the issue up with the team and got the problem under control by putting in the extra man-hours which were required to save the game’s release date.


Post-release, Jon’s analytical skills helped greatly in maintaining smooth, positive business operations. Besides basic office software like MS Office, I was impressed by how quickly he could grasp new software and systems thrown at him. From new marketing tasks, such as SEO and market research, to audio editing software, it was a great relief to have him on my team and even found myself his student from time to time.


Jon definitely has a lot of untapped potential and I can say with certainty that he would be a great asset to any business operation.


Account & Financial Manager (Active Gaming Media)

During the time working together at Active Gaming Media in Osaka Jon was a great partner and pleasure to work with.


First of all, I would like to remark his high command of Japanese language, which I found to be on a level which is more than sufficient for any type of business/company environment within Japan. Jon was able to voice his thoughts and ideas, as well as concerns about projects clearly to supervisors and other executives within the office and within meetings in the boardroom.


Jon’s outstanding analytical, planning and time management abilities have proven to be of incredible use and importance during the process
of optimizing the publishing department work-flow, allowing to cut down on unnecessary and time consuming tasks (or improving their efficiency where removing them was impossible). His admirable knowledge in the realms of SEO and Google analytical tools had been extremely helpful in raising an in-house digital platform’s exposure to new and existing markets, at the same time allowing him to serve as a mentor for other members of the staff having to use said tools for their work.


From my personal experience Jon was one of the easiest people to work with, always ready to go out of his way to help others, be it work or
personal issues, ever presenting his outstanding flexibility and teamwork capabilities. While working together it was also hard to not notice his creative side (the podcast he produced was a pleasure to listen to), and a very high sense of personal responsibility.


I am sure that Jon is going to be a great asset for any company he is going to work for!

Contact info
AddressFukuoka City, Fukuoka, Japan

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