Digital Marketing Skills Refinement (Kaizen) – Wk. 1

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First and foremost, welcome to my personal career-related blog!
This week I will be starting a Digital Marketing Skills Refinement (Kaizen) project.

Professional Skills and Expert Knowledge Enhancing (Kaizen) Project

This self-titled project will be a weekly/bi-weekly project which will serve as an online directory for resources which I have hand-picked and used to study from and ultimately further enhance my professional and hobby-related skills.

I will be aiming to read and employ digital marketing tactics from a wide variety of difference online sources each week and will be using them to improve, and hopefully perfect, my digital marketing skills. This will then be translatable to professional projects and other career-related opportunities which I encounter.

In the near future I will likely be starting a similar series with other side projects and passions/hobby-related skills, however as these skills are the base of my career, this project will have the most priority.

    Let’s get started!

Digital Marketing Skills Refinement (Kaizen) Project

Week 1: July 31 – August 4th

This will be the end of the resources which I have studied with and employed in a few side projects this week.

Next week I will continue to look into various resources and areas of my skill-set which I will be actively working on improving to enhance my professional image and abilities.

Until then!

Digital Marketing Skills Refinement (Kaizen) Project